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Thank you for choosing Craig & Craig Security. We are here to serve “YOU!”. We want to address your needs with respect, excellent customer service and professionalism. We believe you should have quality service at first sight for your employees, visitors & international guest. We want to be a part of your team and extend your company values at the highest level possible.

Responsiveness to incidents, helpful to those needing assistance and your ability to work in a secure and safe environment is the cornerstone that makes us adaptable to your business model. Craig & Craig Security have made a commitment to communicate with our Client’s needs swiftly and efficiently that will leave you so ecstatic I’m sure you will have positive feedback about our service. We understand what you want from us and willing to go the extra mile to fulfill your needs. Having the ability to recruit and hire management teams, supervisory personnel, armed, Unarmed guards and security officers locally, we guarantee that our Clients will be provided with officers who are familiar with the surroundings and any problems that might entail.


Mission Statement:
To be recognized as the leading accredited security company in the field of Asset Protection and Risk Management, providing quality security, engaged our vital resource and related services to the local business community that deserves quality service in our ever growing lives. We embraced concept of quality service and deliver it to our clients.

Customer care services will include:
Being the [First Face] while providing office security services for guests, employees and international visitors.
• Ensuring the safety and security of all guests, staff, visitors and property, patrolling the parking lots, external grounds and the interior of the facility, and securing entrance and other designated spaces after hours.
• Assist staff, employees and visitors with escorts after-hours as well as assist with vehicular problems as needed.
• Patrol assigned areas, to ensure personnel, building, and equipment security.
• Prepares routine, standardized reports and notifications to security supervisor.
• Interface with local Police and Fire Departments and respond to all emergency situations as needed or directed by your policy.