Our Values and Mission Statement

Our vision is that all our employees will provide added value to our customer’s business by carrying out their duties with integrity, skill and cheerfulness. We want to stamp our personal professional experience on the area most needed our client, employees & their guest to enable achievement of company’s goals.

We evaluate individual Client’s business essential, this empower Craig & Craig Security to adapt to the business dynamics of asset protection services. Craig & Craig Security’s core values are defined below:

Accountability: We perform ethically and legally as we work to meet our contractual commitments. We take responsibility for our actions and performance. We embrace quality assurance for our services.
Efficiency: We design work related value based on customer requirements periodically. Our employees create unparalleled services in response to specific customer needs. We engage on a streamlined organization that prides itself on solving issues in a lean, economical manner. We deliver quality service for affordable price.
Innovation: We open to new ideas and welcome the leading edge technology pertaining to security industry. We can use this to readily adapt ourselves to accomplish our mission.

It is the duty of Craig & Craig and its employees to know and understand our customer’s needs and provide customer service solutions where needed, bringing added value to our client’s business.

Mission Statement:
To be recognized as the leading accredited security company in the field of Asset Protection and Risk Management, providing quality security, engaged our vital resource and related services to the local business community that deserves quality service in our ever growing lives. We embraced concept of quality service and deliver it to our clients.